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Dog Hikes

$25 single dog rate.

No less than one hour out of the car.

1.25-3 hours total time out of the house.

Discounts available for multiple dogs and for 5 days a week. Referral discounts are also available.

We typically have a hike in the morning and one in the afternoon, and will do our best to accommodate if you have a preference.

Available Monday through Friday.

We don't visit dog parks or do neighborhood walks - we only offer off-leash trail hikes.

Dogs get plenty of water and shade on hot days.

We walk in all weather, rain or shine (only cancel due to serious weather).



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Dog Training

We train utilizing primarily positive reinforcement methods.

We believe a well trained dog is a happy dog, and emphasize training a number of general obedience behaviors first. This includes sit, stay, recall, leave it, down, and leash training. We prefer to train using primarily positive reinforcement.

We offer an option where I take your dog with me and work one on one for them for an hour training general obedience and leash training - 4 one hour sessions for $200 where we will get the training process started, and help you learn how to get the best behavior out of your dogs.

For more complicated issues and one on one attention we offer one hour house call sessions which cost $100 where we can work with you and your dog in your home environment.

If you're unsure of what is right for you and your dog feel free to email, call, or even text me and if you're in our service area we can even set up a 15 minute consulation and if you'd like we can launch directly into a full hour long session following the short visit.



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