About Us


Ricky and Matt have nearly 20 years of animal training experience between the two of them. They met when they both attended America's Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College, which has been called "Harvard for exotic animal trainers." Since they graduated Ricky has worked mainly with marine mammals but has also done a lot of dog training. Matt worked with tigers for a number of years before moving to the Bay Area to train and walk dogs.

Diablo Dog Walking is our attempt to utilize our exotic animal training experience to train the dogs of the Bay Area. We've used primarily positive reinforcement with exotic animals and our goal is to focus on the same sort of training with dogs. Training shouldn't just be behavior altering, but fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.


The group and I overlooking the Carquinez Straight in Martinez.


The great amount of exercise and socialization your dog will get on the hikes will go a long way towards making them even healthier and happier.

While most dog trainers agree that excercise is the most important part of having a well behaved dog, a little well directed training also goes a long way. And we're here to help provide the training aspect as well.