Our Mission

To provide your dog with quality exercise and socialization that will make them even happier and healthier.

I have a diverse array of animal training experience and over the last year plus I've been hiking with groups of dogs in Alameda County for an award winning dogwalking company called Woofwalks. I will utilize that experience and provide your dog with fun, socialization and obedience training.


Our Services

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I offer 1 hour off-leash excursions in the beautiful regional parks of Contra Costa County.

They'll get a chance to run and play with other dogs, chase balls, and receive basic training while they're at it.

The cost is $25 per hike, with discounts offered for 5 hikes a week, and multiple dogs.

What do you think?

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Fill out a service request, and give us a little info about you and your dog.

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