Our Mission

To help provide your dog with quality exercise, training and socialization which we're confident will make them even happier and healthier.

Matt Heikkila and Ricky Brush have diverse arrays of animal training experience ranging from training dogs, tigers, dolphins, baboons, and birds. We utilize that experience and training to provide your dog with fun, socialization and obedience training.

We've both been trained in animal husbandry, behavior, veterinary procedures and animal training and have been working with animals for nearly 10 years each.

Our backgrounds have lead us to strongly prefer training utilizing primarily positive reinforcement methods. We know that rewarding an animal for good behavior is much more efficient and longlasting than dominance based training, whether you're training baboons, dolphins, or dogs.

Our Services

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We offer 1 hour off-leash excursions in the regional parks of Contra Costa County.

The cost is $25 per hike, with discounts available

We offer a couple of different training options.

We offer a training option where I work one on one with your dog training general obedience and leash training and keep you updated through email and video. The cost for this is 4 one hour sessions for $200

For more one on one attention we charge $100 for one hour housevisits where we'll help you work through any more complicated issues you may need help with.

We offer limited boarding and board & train.

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About us

More info about Diablo Dog Walking, our backgrounds and training methods.


A video of the Diablo Dog Walking experience from pick up to drop off (though mostly the hike itself).

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